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Morris: Portland Trail Blazers' New Jerseys Are "Eerily Similar" To Cheerleader Attire

A writer approves of the Portland Trail Blazers' new jerseys until he realizes they remind him of clothing from a movie about cheerleaders.

Wesley Morris writes at fashion, interior design, technology, pop culture, bookkeeping, bird-watching, culture, celebrity gossip and sports website that he liked the Portland Trail Blazers' new jerseys design, at least until he realized that they reminded him of cheerleading attire.

The old Trail Blazers logo, the classic one, the red-and-white pinwheel frozen in frantic mid-spin, is pure imagination. Could it be mistaken for the logo of some television producer's production company or the fireball in certain Nintendo games? Yeah, sure. But that's what legal's for. In a move of pure anti-imagination, the top brass in Portland have, for the foreseeable future, ditched the whizzing pinwheel for stripes that dash across the lower half of the jersey. This is the wheel buckling down and applying itself. Sigh.

The reds still pop, and the angling stripes are presented as such harmless and riskless (if totally clever) design that any player can feel confident wearing the alternate jersey. Until you realize one thing - and this couldn't have been on purpose - the scheme of the colors is eerily similar to what the white girls wore in Bring It On.

Apologies and thanks to rip_city_swagger, who got there first in the FanShots.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter