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Jaynes: Blazers Could Trade Luke Babbitt Or Nolan Smith For Draft Picks?

Might the Portland Trail Blazers consider a trade to get down to the 15-man roster limit?

Christian Petersen

Dwight Jaynes of writes that the Portland Trail Blazers could trade forward Luke Babbitt or Nolan Smith to help cut down to the NBA's 15-man roster limit.

Do not forget something else that may play into roster decisions prior to this season: impending free agency.

Say, for example, that the Trail Blazers decide they don't want Luke Babbitt's salary on their cap next season, are not going to offer him an extension, but at the same time, don't really want him to walk at the end of the season without compensation. Or what if they make the same determination about Nolan Smith?

Either or both of these players could be dealt prior to the end of the month -- possibly for a future draft pick at some level -- and, although both players would be missed this season, it would allow the Trail Blazers to continue toward their stated goal of asset acquisition through the draft and plenty of free-agent signing room.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter