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Moore: David Lee Says LaMarcus Aldridge Was 2012 All-Star Because Of Blazers' Record

Golden State Warriors forward David Lee says that Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge made the 2012 NBA All-Star team because the Blazers had a better record than the Warriors.

Craig Mitchelldyer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Matt Moore of interviewed Golden State Warriors forward David Lee, who sounded just a wee bit salty that Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge made the 2012 All-Star team and he didn't, arguing that the only reason Aldridge made it was because Portland had a better record. You want to make the playoffs, you want to win a championship. Outside of those things, what do you want for your career going forward?

The biggest thing is to be on a winning team. I've done a lot of things individually with numbers. I think we're a playoff-caliber team. We're not a championship-caliber team; we still have some pieces to put in yet. But I think realistically we could be a 5-through-8 seed in the playoffs this year if everything falls into place.

I think all the individual stuff will come. If you look at my numbers around All-Star [time] last year and all the stuff we were doing. LaMarcus Aldridge makes the All-Star team, and I don't. I think if Portland and Golden State's records are reversed, it's probably the opposite way [and I make the All-Star team]. And he's a great player; I'm not talking bad about him at all. But I think all the All-Star appearances, all the respect you want to get, that comes with being on a winning team.

You know, unfortunately by the time I was in my third year in New York and I finally had some say in the team and got some major minutes, we went into the whole cap-saving thing to try and get LeBron. Then I got here, and this was a team that hadn't made the playoffs in a long time. We've kind of moved away from where we were, and this is one of my first years to really make a difference and be on a winning team.

2012 was Aldridge's first All-Star selection; he felt snubbed after being left off the 2011 team.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter