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Recap: Sacramento Kings 117, Portland Trail Blazers 100

A bad first half was too much to overcome tonight for the Portland Trail Blazers, who fell to the Sacramento Kings tonight. The good news? With no TV coverage, almost nobody in Portland actually saw the game.

Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Blazers were led by Damian Lillard, who lit up the Kings in the second half for 20 points. LaMarcus Aldridge (16 points, 7 rebounds), Nicolas Batum (14 points, 6 rebounds), Wesley Matthews, and the returning JJ Hickson (11 points apiece) also scored in double figures. For the rooks, Joel Freeland and Meyers Leonard were each nondescript, and Will Barton scored his first NBA points. Out on the fringe, Luke Babbitt's 8 points easily outpaced Adam Morrison's zero.

The first half was memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. Sacramento did whatever they wanted on offense, while Portland couldn't get the ball into a bucket three times the size if necessary. Aldridge didn't seem to show up at all. Lillard had 3 points and 2 assists (but how many assists can you get when nobody can hit a shot?). Barton still needed another 72 points to reach his expected point total. This may have been preseason, but it was so bad, it led to these comments in tonight's Gameday Thread:

[The names have been removed to protect the guilty]

"I wouldn't be shocked if the Blazers are in last place in the west at the end of this year.."
"I'm missing Nate's offense."
"My drinking every time the blazers travel is wiping me out!"
"I have a feeling this will be my general feeling when watching this year"
"I may have over estimated how much I will enjoy this season'
"They cant defend or rebound ... but the uniforms look good i guess."
"I wonder if Lillard still thinks the NBA is fun?"

There was only one way off the Blazer's Ledge... a good third quarter. So, it was luck that it began like this:

- Nicolas Batum makes three point jumper (Damian Lillard assists)
- Damian Lillard makes three point jumper
- Damian Lillard makes three point jumper
- Damian Lillard makes three point jumper
- Nicolas Batum makes three point jumper (Wesley Matthews assists)

Yep, it was a good start to the second half. Before long, the lead was cut to single digits. However, Tyreke Evans personally kept the Kings lead in the low double-digits, 13 at the end of the third.

The Blazers spent part of the fourth quarter playing catch-up, as the Kings kept doing just enough to maintain a lead. Before long, Coach Stotts had enough. Victor Claver checks in, and the crowd checks out. The only thing left was the official margin of the Kings victory in garbage time.

The box score is here. Check out Sactown Royalty's extensive recap (Including some thoughts for Blazer fans), then stay tuned for more from Dave and Ben. The next game is Wednesday, against the Nuggets in the Rose Garden. And, yes, it's on TV again! -- Tim