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Portland Trail Blazers Are Unanimous Top-5 Pick In NBA Power Rankings

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Here's a collection of various NBA Power Rankings released at some point this week. The 6-2 Portland Trail Blazers are a unanimous top-5 selection. Portland just concluded a 3-1 week with wins over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers and an ugly loss to the Phoenix Suns.

Here's the round-up. Last week's rankings, if available, appear in parentheses.

Marc Stein, Blazers are No. 5 (No. 6)

We interrupt the Blazers' best start since launching at 7-1 in 1999-2000 with a question. One of my eds jumped on me for using the term "cornerstone" in reference to Nicolas Batum. You tell me, Blazermaniacs. Even as a sixth man, don't you see him that way?

John Schuhmann, Blazers are No. 3 (No. 5)

Gerald Wallace's offense has come and gone, but his defensive impact has been huge. The Blazers have allowed just 89 points per 100 possessions in 263 minutes with him on the floor, compared to 109 in 121 minutes with him on the bench. Portland's improved D will host the Clippers' No. 2 offense Tuesday.

David Aldridge, Blazers are No. 4 (No. 5)

Blazers unbeaten (5-0) at home, winning by an average of 13 in the Rose Garden.

Tom Ziller, Blazers are No. 5

It looks like good teams will mix in those atrocious road losses -- like Portland's 102-77 drubbing in Phoenix -- more often this season. At least that's what Blazers fans are telling themselves right now.

Mitch Lawrence, New York Daily News: Blazers are No. 3

OK, so the Blazers beat the Lakers again at home, Kobe Bryant's 24th defeat in Portland in 30 games. But they ran this poll up in Portland asking fans if the Blazers have a brighter future than the Lakers. Guys, that's just plain dumb.

Kurt Helin, Blazers are No. 3 (No. 5)

Best team in the West so far. Beat the Thunder and Lakers, but then looked tired against the Suns (we've chosen to ignore that game, good teams are having ugly losses do to the schedule this year). Interesting game against the Clippers Tuesday in a matchup of the West's new guard.

Chris Sheridan, Blazers are No. 4 (No. 4)

Would have had them up a spot in 3rd if they hadn't lost by 25 to the Suns. But like the Bulls, I will allow them one toilet game. Tuesday night brings a chance to avenge one of their two losses. Six players scoring in double figures. One of them is not Marcus Camby (3.3 ppg).

Sean Sweeney, Blazers are No. 3 (No. 5)

The Blazers are quickly becoming my favorite team in the league. So many athletes. So much versatility. Their big win over the Lakers at the end of last week played out exactly like I knew it would. Portland is just too balanced and athletic for nearly everyone else in the league. They even have a budding superstar who's completely underrated in LaMarcus Aldridge. Actually, he might be my pick for breakout star this year. Basketball heads know he can play. The rest of the country doesn't. They'll find out this year when Portland goes deep in the playoffs.

Jeff Sagarin, USA Today: Blazers are No. 5 and ranked No. 1 in the Northwest Division

John Hollinger of's advanced stat rankings...

  • No. 14 in Offensive Efficiency
  • No. 5 in Defensive Efficiency
  • No. 3 in Pace
  • No. 6 in Rebound Rate

Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge is currently No. 8 in the NBA in dunks with 13, according to the Dunk-O-Meter.

This post will update with more NBA Power Rankings once they go up around the web.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter