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Postgame Open Thread: Blazers 88, Clippers 93

Well, let's be honest, we weren't likely to go 66-0 anyway. The Portland Trail Blazers' winning streak ends in disappointing fashion, coming up short against the Los Angeles Clippers, 93-88. The Clips didn't look spectacular themselves, just adding to the ugliness of the loss. At one point, the residents of the Gameday Thread had a mini-celebration when the Blazers finally reached 50 points... over halfway through the third quarter. The Blazers earned this loss.

Jamal Crawford scored 23 to help lead the Blazers, LaMarcus Aldridge added 19 points and 9 rebounds, and Nic Batum contributed 15 points and 8 boards.

Portland never got started in the first half, suffering from poor shooting, turnovers, and general lethargy. Even the tip-ins weren't falling. Meanwhile, the Clippers found their groove, dunking to the delight of the crowd. By halftime, the Blazers were behind, 44-36, and felt lucky to be so close.

As the second half began, the Clippers went crazy scoring, while the Blazers just went crazy. The Clippers built the lead up past 15 as the Blazer defense wilted, and the game looked over. However, suddenly, the Blazers showed signs of life as the fourth quarter began. Portland crept closer, then closer. Suddenly, Crawford gets the Blazers within 4 with 5 minutes to go. But after an outstanding Blazer defensive stand, Chris Paul was forced to heave the ball from behind the three point line... only for it to bank into the bucket. Crawford then helped cut the lead to 2, but they could not complete the comeback.

VIDEOS: Chris Paul gets timeout while kneeling out of bounds | Gerald Wallace doubles over Caron Butler with shot to groin

The Boxscore is here. Stay tuned for Dave's full recap, and we'll have the next Gameday Thread Tuesday night, when the Blazers visit OKC. -- Tim