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Most Underrated Blazers Part 1: All-Time

Yesterday we asked whether LaMarcus Aldridge is overrated by Portland Trail Blazers fans or in general.  The general consensus seemed to be that, no, he's not overrated.  Kevin Martin, on the other hand, is apparently underrated.  But that's another story.

Speaking of underrated, though, let's talk about that for a minute.  I want to give us a chance to chew over Trail Blazers from years past, asking which are the most under-appreciated.  You can discuss how history has remembered them or delve back into their own era if you think they were underrated when in uniform.  Which Blazers deserve more credit, recognition, remembrance, or praise than they customarily get?  

Example:  One of the guys on ESPN Radio this morning was talking about Superbowl champions and said the 70's Steelers, 90's Cowboys, and 00's Patriots always get mentioned as great dynasties but nobody remembers the three titles the Washington Redskins won under Joe Gibbs.  That's the definition of underrated.

The only rule about this exercise, and it's a firm one, is that we're NOT TALKING ABOUT CURRENT BLAZERS in this post.  Nobody on the current roster should be nominated or discussed today.  That's for another post.

So throw out those names and champion the guys you think should have gotten more notice!

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