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Announcing the Blazersedge "Tell Your Story" Fanpost Contest

Today I'm resurrecting something we haven't done in a while.  Fan participation is inherent in the Blazersedge story.  Part of the fun of being here is not just discussing the team, but getting to know each other through those discussions.  It's been a few years since we intentionally went through that "get to know you" process.  So here you go...

Anyone who is interested, go ahead and post your Blazer Fan Story as a Fanpost in the sidebar.  Your story can be told any way you wish:  how and when you became a fan, your greatest fan moments, the greatest team moment you've ever witnessed, what keeps you hanging around, how being a Trail Blazers fan has affected your family, friends, and life in general...whatever you want to share will be good.  It can be long or short, serious or humorous, complete or just a snapshot.  It's your story, tell it your way.

The official contest will be open until the end of September.  If a billion people post Fanposts on Day 1, go ahead and take a week to craft yours and submit on Day 7.  Be sure and read everybody else's stories too.  Comment on them as well!

I have a Nicolas Batum XL Rip City Jersey burning a hole in my pocket.  At the end of the month the crack Blazersedge Staff will pick 3-4 of the best stories (by whatever subjective criteria we choose) and let you guys vote on your favorite.  The story with the most votes gets the jersey.  Everybody else gets the satisfaction of having shared their Blazer walk with the rest of us.

Make sure you use the words "My Story" somewhere in your Fanpost title so we know what we're looking at.  If you want to get more creative than that in your title, maybe say "My Story: [Insert Your Title Here]".  Either way, make it easy for us to find it.

Have fun telling your tale and reading everyone else's in the sidebar!  Let the stories begin!

--Dave (