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Help From the Past?

Yesterday somebody asked a question about help coming from the Blazers' deeper bench players and/or Euro stashes.  We were pretty negative on that possibility.  But just for fun, let's switch to the realm of fantasy.  All you Blazer Believers tell me...

If Clyde Drexler could come forward in time and join this team right now with no other significant additions, would that be enough to put the Blazers in title contention?

In case you're wondering, here are Clyde's contributions to teams of his own era.

Would that be enough to do it?

--Dave (

P.S.  Don't forget to get in your entries for the "My Blazer Story" contest running in the sidebar.  You could win a Nicolas Batum Rip City jersey as you let us know about your own Blazer history.  Simply post a Fanpost with "My Story" as part of the title.  You can talk about how you became a Blazer fan, your best Blazer fan moments, how being a fan of the team has affected your life, all of the above, or whatever you wish.  Deadline is the last day of September.