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Most Underrated Blazers Part 2: The Current Team

Last Friday we asked you to identify your most underrated Blazers of all time.  The list was impressive, ranging from Jim Paxson to Steve Johnson to Andre Miller.  The only stipulation we put on the exercise was that no current Blazers could be named.  Today we're going for the other half of the equation, talking about the most underrated guys on the current team.

During the first thread a discussion emerged about the difference between "underrated" and "under-appreciated".  We're going to try and make use of this discussion in a later exercise so I'm going to help define terms for purposes of this post.  Consider "underrated" as applying to a national audience here.  In other words, who's the Blazer you'd most like to show off to the world because nobody else outside Portland knows enough about his accomplishments?  While some will jump to LaMarcus Aldridge as the most underrated Blazer because most of the world thinks he's good while they consider him great, you'd have to make a pretty compelling argument to convince us that nobody outside Portland knows about LaMarcus.  Everybody has already heard of him and most realize he should have been an All-Star this season.  For these purposes, then, LMA is less likely to qualify than a guy deeper down the rotation.

So how about it?  Who is your most underrated Blazer on the current roster?  Weigh in below, helping us out with a future project.

--Dave (