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A Time to Remember

It seems fitting today to take a moment and remember the events of ten years ago.  They're chronicled everywhere this weekend so there's no need to go into detail.  It's just good to keep in mind that event drastic-seeming things like waiting out a lockout or sweating over point guards and big man knees are small concerns in the overall picture.  

It's not that sports are unimportant.  To the contrary, sports radio helped me process and get through the events of 2001, providing a pseudo family and a counterpoint to the gravity of world-breaking news.  Rather we should recall how wonderful it is to be able to invest in things like a basketball team, to have that kind of freedom and spare emotional energy largely because of the lack of crushing threats in other facets of our lives.  We should remember the people who sacrificed to give us that freedom, the ones who can't bring themselves to embrace it (perhaps because of bereavement or worry or after-effects of that fateful day), and all of the folks who have never had the luxury of doing what we do every day, considering a sport important.  Most of all we should enjoy the privilege that we have, enjoy those who walk this journey alongside us, and enjoy every minute we get to cheer and hope because of a round orange ball in the hands of crimson and black-clad players in a city full of people who love them.  That, my friends, is quite a life.  Not everybody has it.  Thank goodness we do.  Thank goodness the news is good today.  And thank goodness we are surrounded by people who are invested in keeping it that way, be that through entertaining, through protecting and serving, or just by living normal lives respectful of their fellow human beings and the cultures they embody.

Take a little time to remember on this day.  Take a little time to give thanks too.  Enjoy every moment you get to enjoy, grieve what you must grieve, and do it all with people who care about you and are passionate about the things that unite us.

--Dave (