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Blazers Star Smackdown: Final Matchup

Both the Star Smackdown and the Blazers History series are at their close.  I'm putting the final round of the Smackdown today because I don't want it lingering on a holiday Friday.  The final history piece will come tomorrow and a special star-related question over the weekend.

It's been a long process but you've whittled 24 contenders down to 3.  It's time to determine Portland's favorite star (short of the Superstar Four of Walton, Drexler, Lucas, and Porter).  Vote for one of the following three players.  Make sure you cast your vote as a name in the subject line of your comment, explaining your reasoning in the comment and replying to each other in seeded threads but not voting there.  Also respect the one vote per person rule.

Here are your three contenders. Remember you can use any criteria you wish to make your decision but only consider their contributions to the Blazers while doing so. Good luck choosing!  Have fun discussing as well.

--Dave (