The WNBA is A'ight

I've never considered myself a WNBA fan,  but with the lockout going on I'm pretty desperate for some basketball. The other day I caught part of the Spain vs Australia game, but after half-an-hour the stream went out [Australia was getting pulverized]. Nonetheless, I have been desperate for some actual basketball, not reruns on NBATV of game 5 on the 1984 Conference Finals (though the old All-Star games and Slam-Dunk contests have been entertaining). I'm pretty excited about the summer league about to be played in Las Vegas in September (since I'm a resident), but until then my jonzing must be subsided. So tonight I'm browsing through the channels, slowly working my way towards ESPN, when I caught the tailend of some WNBA top 15 moments (yes, there are really only 15 good moments in the history of the WNBA) on NBATV. As soon as the segment was over, I was privy to an earlier taping of the Atlanta Dream versus Indiana Fever game. Honestly, these girls can play. Their hustle, defense, handles, EVERYTHING was impressive. At one point both teams were a combined 4 out of 5 on 3's and shooting like 70%. In the first half, two players went down with face/head injuries (via elbows and whatnot). I was even lucky enough to catch Angel McCoughtry, who averages 8.5 free throws and 20.5 points per game.

I guess what I'm saying is... the WNBA is a'ight.