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Transcript: Mavericks C Tyson Chandler Talks Blazers, Portland Fans, Roy In Game 4 On B.S. Report

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Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler joined Bill Simmons for an interview on the B.S. Report podcast this week. You can stream and download the audio here.

The pair briefly talked about Dallas' first round Western Conference playoff series against the Portland Trail Blazers. Here's a transcript of the conversation. Questions are paraphrased and bolded. Chandler's answers are word-for-word and in blockquote. 

Portland was the sexy upset pick. Did you hear that?

"Oh yeah, oh yeah. It was everywhere. It was all over the media, all through the locker room. I understand why though. Portland was a dangerous team. I don't think anyone wanted to face Portland in the first round. They were a tough team, they were gritty, they were well-coached. And it's tough to win in Portland. The fans are crazy up there.

"I understand especially with Dallas' history of losing in the first round the last couple of years so I definitely understood why people had the upset pick."

How did you bounce back from Brandon Roy's Game 4 performance and fight off the old demons from 2006? 

"We knew it was something bigger than that. We knew we couldn't get caught up in one game. Don't get me wrong: that game made me sick. I think it made everybody sick. Definitely a lack of sleep on everyone's part that night. But we knew the bigger picture, it was one game, we lost a game. Whether we lost by one point and gave up a 20 point lead or we lost by 20, it didn't matter. We lost a game. We felt like we had to move on.

"We felt like it could go one way or another. We could let it get to us and fall apart like everyone was saying and predicting we were going to do. Or we were going to stand and fight for what we felt like was ours. Obviously we chose to stand and fight."

Simmons also had NBA commissioner David Stern as a guest on Friday. For more on that interview, click here.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter