Prada: NBA Commissioner David Stern's B.S. Report Comments

Mike Prada of pulled together a lengthy transcript of the most important comments made by NBA commissioner David Stern in a B.S. Report podcast interview with Bill Simmons. ---------------------------------- On his urgency to get a deal done: "I would say that I remain optimistic that we're going to make a deal, and I think that the urgency is set in a certain way by the rejection of our underlying premise. That is, this is the time to have a reset. This is the time to try to hold for the players most of what they have, and grow our way out of the situation we find ourselves in. The players very strongly disagree and to this point don't even want to discuss it." On the owners' reception to revenue sharing: "There is going to be a revenue sharing. I must tell you that our owners ... they're on board. The Bulls, the Lakers, the Knicks. ... I've never seen such unity of purpose amongst our owners. Yes, we need a new CBA, and we have to accompany it with more robust revenue sharing." ---------------------------------- Listen to the audio here. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter