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Blazer Star Smackdown: Round 1, Matchup #6

Today we continue with our bracket of 24 of Portland's better-known stars from the last 40 years. We're going to intersperse these posts with the histories to given them more flavor from now on.

You'll vote for Blazer stars in head-to-head matchups until one emerges the victor and is declared Portland's favorite Blazer star of all time!  If you don't know the rules, they're right after the jump.  Otherwise dig into this matchup!

Matchup #6

In the comment section below please vote for one of these players:

Keep in mind you can use any criteria you wish to make your vote.  Enjoy!

--Dave (


The rules:

  • Each day you'll get a head-to-head matchup.  Vote for one as the winner.  Use any criteria you wish: talent, contributions, effect, or just that you like 'em better.
  • Consider only a player's Portland tenure in your decision.  Nothing for other teams counts!
  • We are NOT doing simple polls on these because polls can be spammed.  One account, one vote in the comment section.
  • Please label your vote clearly in the subject line of your comment.  Feel free to explain at length and argue in the body of the comment.  We encourage discussion (it's the point, in fact) but please do NOT cast your original vote seeded as a reply to someone else's comment.
  • The *asterisk* above indicates this caveat:  Bill Walton, Clyde Drexler, Maurice Lucas, and Terry Porter will not be a part of the Star Smackdown.  By contributions or popularity they're superstars and would probably make the other voting meaningless.  We're reserving a special category for them in another year.