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POLL: How Many Games Will The Blazers Win In 2011-2012?

The 2011-2012 schedule was released by the NBA on Tuesday.

Click here to see the full Portland Trail Blazers schedule and an early breakdown by month, back-to-backs, home stands, road trips, national television appearances and more.

Now that you've had a chance to get the lay of next year's land, put down your guess on how many wins the Blazers will bring home next season. Of course, this poll assumes there will be an 82-game regular season like usual, without interruption or a work stoppage caused by the ongoing lockout. Keep in mind that Portland's roster is not yet fully set because there has yet to be a free agency period. This is a super duper early guess only.

Vote and be sure to explain your reasoning below in the comments. What are your top reasons for optimism or pessimism? How do your thoughts compare and contrast to this time last summer?

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter