Freeman: No Re-Tread Candidates Considered For Blazers GM?

Earlier this week, Portland Trail Blazers president Larry Miller made it pretty clear that nothing was happening with regard to the team's search for a new GM. Joe Freeman of The Oregonian reports that while no clear candidates have emerged there are some names who won't be considered. ----------------------- Multiple people have reached out to the Blazers about their GM job, but the team has not contacted or interviewed any potential candidates, including Buchanan. Further, the Blazers have indicated they probably will not consider any of the finalists they interviewed last summer before settling on Cho, including Danny Ferry and Randy Pfund. Miller was unwilling to talk in detail about the Blazers' search and he refused to reveal what qualities and characteristics the team will look for in a candidate, except to say, "we want to make sure it's somebody that fits with the organization and the owner." ----------------------- -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter