Reilly: Greg Oden Has It Easy Compared To Golfers


Noted sports columnist Rick Reilly of writes an unfortunate column this week in which he contrasts the hard lives of professional golfers to the easy lives of NBA players. He holds up Portland Trail Blazers center Greg Oden as one of the prime beneficiaries of the benefits the National Basketball Players Association has negotiated over the years... -------------------------- You think if Tiger Woods played in the NBA he'd be limping around these past two years without a biweekly paycheck? Are you smoking oregano? In the NBA, he still would have made his many millions per year and the owner would help him wheelbarrow it to the bank. Look at Greg Oden, the rarely dressed center for the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers. In four seasons, he has played 82 games. That's one season spread over four. If he were a golfer, he'd be in Columbus running a big and tall man's shop. But in the NBA, he has made $19.3 million. Nice work if you can get it. -------------------------- Over at, Barry Petchesky is locked and loaded with the takedown. Update: Tom Ziller at doubles the pleasure. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter