Eggers: NBA Threatened Blazers Acting GM Buchanan With $1 M Fine

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune reports that Portland Trail Blazers Acting GM Chad Buchanan was threatened with a $1 million fine by the NBA's league office. ------------------ "There’s a line in the sand that the NBA has drawn for everybody, but nobody knows exactly where the line is," one NBA team employee says. "Everybody is scared, not wanting to be the first to be hit with a fine." Witness a recent interview with Trail Blazers acting General Manager Chad Buchanan. When it was observed that it’s too bad there is no summer league scheduled, Buchanan replied, "Yeah." Shortly thereafter, the league threatened Buchanan with a $1 million fine, according to one source. Insanity. ------------------ Maybe Buchanan can borrow some duct tape from Mike Rice. Update (Thursday 9:43 AM): Buchanan said a little bit more than "yeah" in referencing the loss of Summer League in this piece by Mike Tokito of The Oregonian. He said it was "disappointing" and "not ideal." To clarify: There is a gag order on team executives concerning all CBA/Lockout issues during ongoing labor negotiations. That Buchanan's comments came prior to July 1 isn't relevant to any potential punishment as he technically (albeit mildly) violated the letter of the law. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter