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Greg Oden versus Brandon Roy...Who would you choose?

Let us conclude this week's discussion of the Portland Trail Blazers "elite" players with a hypothetical question that has me aching for more reasons that one:

Let's say the Basketball Fairy came to you and said that you could have ONE of the following:

  • Brandon Roy playing at his 2008-09 peak-production level and continuing his career as normal, without devastating injury until age took its toll.  OR...
  • Greg Oden injury-free and ready to go, playing at his current level but also guaranteed to be without injury through his prime, able to give the Blazers whatever he's capable of as he gains experience.


You cannot have both.  The guy you don't choose will probably succumb to their current injuries and not play productively in the foreseeable future.  Which guy would you pick?

Most of the time I have a pretty good idea how I'd answer these questions but I'll be honest...every time I think I've settled on a choice something tugs me the other way.  I'm up in the air.  Who would you choose and why?  Let us know in the comment section.

--Dave (