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Portland's Other Option: Gerald Wallace

We've talked about Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge this week, so what the heck...why not complete the trifecta?  Today let's discuss the potential effect of Gerald Wallace on this roster.  I'm not just talking next year here.  Obviously that would boil down to a list of Wallace's capabilities, of which there are several and most of which are fantastic.  Instead I'd like to know how you see Wallace fitting in permanently or whether you do at all.  Keep in mind a few things as you enter the discussion:

  • Wallace plays either small forward or power forward.  If you envision big things for him, Nicolas Batum, and LaMarcus Aldridge all at once, how does that shake out?  Who has to sit on the hump while the other two feel the breeze on their face in the driver's and passenger's seat?  Is it realistically possible for all three players to maximize contributions and roles together?
  • Is there any chance Wallace becomes the next #1 option (or even co-#1 as with Roy and Aldridge) on this team?  If so, under what circumstances could you see that happening?
  • Wallace is devastating in the open floor.  Do you think his production would be worth throwing the team into overdrive?  Is it possible for the Blazers as currently constituted to run successfully or do you think they should get someone like Kemba Walker to lead the blitz and make Wallace everything he can be?
  • Do you trust Wallace to stay healthy?
  • Do you think Portland can retain him after his current contract ($9.5 million through next season, a $9.5 million player's option in 2012-13) runs out?  Dare the Blazers put eggs in this basket?

Bring anything else to the discussion that you feel is relevant.  Enjoy!

--Dave (