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Transcript: Former Blazers C Jeff Pendergraph On Rehab, Felton, NBA Draft

Former Portland Trail Blazers center Jeff Pendergraph was a call-in guest on Thursday night's edition of Talkin' Ball on Comcast SportsNet Northwest to give an update on his rehabilitation and how an NBA lockout might affect someone in his position.

Pendergraph, a 2009 second round pick out of Arizona State, was released by the Blazers back in October after tearing the ACL in his right knee -- a season-ending injury -- against the Utah Jazz during a preseason game

On Thursday's show, Pendergraph said that he has"made a couple of visits" to meet with teams this summer and had contact with the Blazers this week. He noted that his rehab has progressed without setbacks and the lockout could potentially buy him some more time and reduce his risk of re-injury.

Here's a transcript. Click through below for the video.

How does the lockout impact you as a free agent?

Jeff Pendergraph: "Normally it would be kind of bad because you don't want to be out that long, everyone is kind of anxious to play again. But for me, specifically, actually I think it works in my favor because it gives me extra time and less pressure to try and hurry to come back -- to try to make somebody's Summer League team or rush, maybe push myself too hard to get ready for training camp. Now I can take the pressure off and go about it how I'm supposed to instead of trying to push really hard for it." 

Update on your rehabilitation, have you worked out for teams or had contact with the Blazers?

Jeff Pendergraph: "Actually, yeah, I've had been in contact with a few teams, went and made a couple of visits the last week or so and actually talked with the Blazers yesterday and today so that went really well. I wanted to touch base with them before this lockout stuff goes down and we wouldn't be able to talk.

"Rehab-wise, things are going well. I've started doing my core stuff. The only thing I haven't really done yet is my lateral movements, cutting, jab-stepping, real serious post work just because I want to get my quad strength up first before I do all that stuff. I'm running, shooting jumpers, putting myself through a medium kind of workout. I'm getting there."

No setbacks?

Jeff Pendergraph: "Yeah, none at all. The doctors at the different places I've been and seen all say it looks good.  They've all given the same advice. 'Don't put it too much. You're doing what you're supposed to be doing. Keep going on the course you're doing. Everything looks fine. Your knee is stable. It looks perfect. All you've got to do is get the strength up for the muscles around the knee and you'll be fine.'"

Thoughts on Andre Miller for Raymond Felton trade?

Jeff Pendergraph: "It was interesting to me. That whole draft in general was kind of weird. And no disrespect, a little weak. To see Andre go, it was kind of like a changing of the guards, it seemed like, a little bit. To get a younger point guard. Dre is a great point guard, a great leader but he's not as vocal as Ray Felton will probably be. That will help, especially I think that might be something they needed. Dre did his thing, he was a great help while he was there. I think they were just looking for a different look while they could. Looking for a more vocal and more intense kind of leader." 

Click here to see the video.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter

Here's the video.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter