FanShot Alleges Kings Exec Geoff Petrie Floated Kemba Walker Rumor, Retracts

This morning, Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune floated an anonymously sourced rumor involving the Portland Trail Blazers trading up so that they could select UConn guard Kemba Walker. Shortly thereafter, posted a blog which alleged that the source of the rumor was Sacramento Kings executive Geoff Petrie, because of his long-standing relationship with Eggers. This is a fairly bold and unusual thing for an NBA team to post about a rival team and a beat writer with 20+ years on the job. Tom Ziller over at SacTown Royalty runs down what happened. After a few tweets regarding the accusations, decided to remove the post, writing on Twitter: "Post deleted. i've got nothing but respect for Kerry, and if it comes off as anything but, it's not worth it." Here's the text of the original post that was pulled. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter