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What If the Trail Blazers Stand Pat In The Draft?

The Charlotte Bobcats hired Former Portland Trail Blazers GM Rich Cho to serve as their GM. News here.


Yesterday's discussion of Kemba Walker (and the impending discussion of more prospects, many of whom would only be available if the Trail Blazers moved up in the draft this year) brought about a few e-mail questions.  Several of them can be summarized:  What would it mean if the Blazers stay with the #21 pick and don't make further moves?  Would that be a disappointment?

I want to open that question for discussion today.  In my view it could mean a couple things:

  1. There's really nobody worth moving up for in this year's draft, at least not at the price it would take.  This is a distinct possibility.
  2. The Blazers are confident in their current group, not foreseeing major infusions of talent being necessary.
  3. The Blazers feel that adding veteran talent to build on shorter-term prospects is still the correct strategy.

Frankly I wouldn't be disappointed with either 2 or 3.  In some ways I'll be more troubled if the front office staff does make a move that indicates they might be giving up on the current squad.  I wouldn't argue with the move per se, as their assessment may well be accurate.  But reading that signal would bring about a heavy sigh before the excitement of a potential far future kicked in.

True, there might be moves out there that build for now and later but the Blazers' talent base is so concentrated right now that it's hard to see where they get the potential later without giving up a healthy dose of now.

What do you think?  Weigh in below.

--Dave (