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Blazersedge 2010-11 Season Awards: Most Valuable Player

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Beginning on Monday we're ramping up our look at the Portland Trail Blazers roster, covering each individual player, what they did this year, and what the future holds for them.  But before the season gets too far into the rear-view mirror we want to give you a chance to vote for various awards covering the 2010-11 season.  Much of the main page today will be taken up by the various categories.  Scan them, vote however you choose, and engage in discussion with others doing the same.

The process is easy.  Each award has its own post.  Vote in the comment section.  We encourage you to explain why you're voting a certain way and to banter back and forth with folks via reply comments.  However to make the tallying easy, put your final, definitive vote in the subject line of your comment and make sure that comment stands alone and is not threaded under someone else's as a reply.  As long as you've done that you can expound at length.  But if you bury your actual vote in five paragraphs of analysis or as the third reply in under somebody else's vote it won't get counted.  Make those other kinds of comments too, but when you actually vote, make sure it's clear and easy to see!

Sometimes folks ask why we don't just open a poll on each of these.  We use the comment section because it's easier to monitor one person, one vote.  Polls can be spammed easily.  Comments are harder to fake.  We also love reading the discussion back and forth and hope you do too.

You'll see all of the other categories below.  But this first post is for the most prestigious award, Team MVP.  As with all the awards you may define the adjective (in this case "Valuable") however you wish.  In fact last year differing definitions led to a Peter-and-Edmund-worthy row between supporters of Andre Miller and Brandon Roy.  This year's voting is likely to be more one-sided in this category, but you never know.  We might have some dissenters yet!

So have at it!  Vote in the comment section of this post and the ones following and enjoy the discussion!

--Dave (