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Blazersedge 2010-11 Season Awards: Defining Event of the Season

This is the only Blazersedge Awards category that does not deal (or does not necessarily deal) with an individual on the roster.  In this award category we're asking you to name the one moment or event which best encapsulated the 2010-11 season for the Portland Trail Blazers.  When people look back on the 2010-11 campaign, what memory will endure, what image captures the season most?

As always we encourage you to explain your vote.  Because this is a special and varied category we do NOT encourage you to make a list of events you didn't vote for in your explanation of the one you did.  The challenge here is to pick just ONE defining moment.  Leave your second-place choice to be someone else's first and let them explain why.   (This also includes picking only one definition of "defining moment" to go by.)  

Think of this like getting married to a moment.  As hard as it is, you have to forsake all of the others and commit to one!  Don't try to drag everybody else's future spouses down the aisle on the way to meet yours.  That's caddish.

Voting will be open through the weekend.

--Dave (