Canzano: Blazers Headed Nowhere

John Canzano of The Oregonian writes that the next Blazers GM needs to be careful... -------------------------- Paul Allen wadded up another general manager on Monday. That's two in 10 months. In the end, he looks a little Al Davis-nutty, a little Jerry Jones-smothering. You decide which. The pattern here is disturbing and dysfunctional. The Blazers are going nowhere like this. And the temptation today is to wonder which young executive Allen will hire/fire next. Interim GM Chad Buchanan, good luck -- now pack your bags, because you're on the clock. This Cho-Allen thing felt like a good fit. Instead, it ended up being further evidence that there's a systemic issue with the Blazers. It's a franchise dreaming about everywhere, but headed nowhere until Allen learns to hire smart people and let them work -- or sells the thing to some other rich guy who already knows. -------------------------- -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter