Tokito: Time For Blazers Owner Paul Allen To Explain Himself

Mike Tokito of The Oregonian calls for a little more transparency from Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen regarding the decision to fire former GM Rich Cho... ---------------------- Allen clearly likes being in the mix and maybe even wants to be more involved than ever. Fine. That's within his rights. But he can't have it both ways. If he's going to play the role of puppet master, he needs to answer the questions and not leave that to Miller and others. During his interview with Baker, Allen talked about giving interviews. "I'm a very private person that prefers a low profile," he said. Which is fine, but he used to -- once or twice a season -- grant group interviews about the Blazers, but has not done so in a while. If you're going to act like the GM, then you have to act like the GM. One of that job's duties is to answer questions about personnel matters -- like why did you fire your GM? ---------------------- -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter