Jaynes: Blazers Owner Paul Allen Is Not A Stable Leader

Dwight Jaynes writes on that Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen is simply not a stable leader... ------------------ Now don't think, either, that this situation is unique to the Trail Blazers. Allen has been the owner of the Seattle Seahawks for the last decade and the same sorts of things have happened up there. He's the guy who ditched Mike Holmgren, one of the most popular coaches/general managers in football. He gave Jim Mora no time to install a system before kicking him to the curb and seems to go through general managers faster than Donald Trump goes through apprentices. I don't know if you can call him erratic or impulsive -- take your choice. But you can't call his leadership stable. ... Does Allen want too much control over the basketball operations? I really don't think he wants much more than anyone else in his position. Owners of most teams in most sports want to be in on major decisions -- particularly the ones involving money. I think Allen's problem is that he cannot find an ability to communicate with the people he hires. He quickly loses trust in them. Eventually, he seems to grow impatient with what they bring and pulls the trigger on them. ------------------ Click through above for his full thoughts. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter