Coach Nate McMillan Raises Like 1,000 Questions About Blazers Roster


During Monday night's episode of Blazers Courtside, Portland Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan joined Mike Barrett, Mike Rice and Brian Wheeler. McMillan was asked whether he thought there would be some roster changes on the horizon, and he didn't mince words. "I think there are a lot of questions that we have to answer," McMillan said. "The first thing is to balance the roster. The combination of the twos that we have -- with Wesley [Matthews], Rudy [Fernandez] and Brandon [Roy] -- that combination is just... really... there's no way we can play the three of those guys. "Now that we've brought in Gerald Wallace, Nicolas [Batum]'s contract will be coming up pretty soon. What's going to happen in that situation? "Our backup point guard, our guard position. I played Brandon at that spot most of the second half of the season. We've got to look at the point guard position. "And Brandon Roy. How did he come out of the season and what [is] his role going to be? "There's a number of things I think we have to address. Backup center. Is Greg [Oden]... when will he be ready to go next season?" After listing off questions concering both guard positions, the center position and the small forward position, McMillan concluded: "All of those things we will have to look at here before the draft and, if possible, if it is possible to make some moves to improve the team, we've certainly got to do that." McMillan also bemoaned his team's lack of playoff consistency in the interview. "We need all of our guys to play well and that didn't happen. We had maybe one or two guys that had good games in each of the games. Or, the first unit was playing well but the second unit wasn't playing well. We were just too inconsistent to win that series." -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter