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Gameday Open Thread: Warriors 108, Blazers 87 (Seriously.)

First, let's get the news stories out of the way. In a freak accident, Marcus Camby was injured and left the game. He's diagnosed with a sprained neck, and did not return. His status is unknown.

Second, the Blazers are playoff bound (tickets go on sale April 15th) due to the Rockets loss tonight. Not that any fan in the Rose Garden cared tonight.

Now to the game. The Blazers walked out of the locker room at halftime and actually seemed to decide they didn't care about this game, as Golden State went into second gear and simply ran over the Blazers to walk out of Portland with an easy victory. This may have been the worst game of the season. It was awful to watch, it was awful to listen to, and I hope Dave and Ben find a way to make it not awful to read about.

Any language I use to describe this game would be cause to ban myself. It was like they watched Butler play Monday and thought, "Hey, we should try that!"

The Blazers were led by nobody. None of them deserve to have their names listed in positive terms. In the "ouch" column, Brandon Roy and Rudy Fernandez stunk up the court like you wouldn't believe. That being said, there is no one person to blame. This loss is on the whole team. I mean, a late three pointer improved the Blazers to 3-21 for the night. They even got out-rebounded by 7.

Seriously, as fans we need to forget this game by tomorrow. But as players, the Blazers need to remember this game for the rest of their careers, a reminder of what happens when you don't take your opponent seriously.

If you missed it, this game was worse than I described. Don't read this box score. Don't see a replay. But stay tuned for Dave and Ben, if you dare. -- Tim