Portland Trail Blazers Exit Interviews

Andrew Tonry at Portland Roundball Society has just about everything you need from a relatively uneventful exit interviews availability at the Practice Facility this morning. Jason Quick of The Oregonian reports that Blazers guard Brandon Roy wants to return to a starting role next season. Roy was vague about his summer plans, saying he would take some time to himself and then continue to employ the treatment options that he's been using since he underwent surgery. He was pretty careful not to go into specifics about that. Blazers guard Wesley Matthews said he recently had an MRI on his ankle that showed it was "messed up." Matthews said he will get additional tests on the ankle and will meet with doctors to discuss his options. Blazers guard Andre Miller dodged questions about his contract and his future. He didn't sound particularly concerned, but then again he never does. Update: John Canzano of The Oregonian with an interesting quote from Blazers center Greg Oden regarding his status as a restricted free agent this summer: "The way I look at is that it's not their move. It's my move. Everyone says it's their move. I think it's my move." -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter