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Every year people e-mail me wanting to talk about superstitions.  Some of them are about the players.  I don't have much of a clue what Andre Miller does to prep for a game.  But people also write to share theirs and ask about mine.  Portland fans are invested in the idea that they make a difference!  Since we have a few hours to kill until tip-off and since this game is of the utmost importance, what can it hurt?  Go ahead and share your most sacred game-day habits and superstitions in the comment section.

I don't keep as many as I used to, but I still have a couple:

1.  I refuse to wear anything of the opposing team's color on game day, or usually even on off-days during playoff series.  Nothing blue or green will touch me today.  No socks, no underwear, let alone shirts or anything visible from the outside.  Wearing opposing colors just seems traitorous to me.

2.  When I work out on game days I go extra hard, not giving myself a single bit of slack, pushing beyond what I might otherwise do.  The idea of quitting or falling short is anathema.  I consider it doing my little part to show it can be done.

I used to have a strict taboo about eating during any Blazers games even at halftime or during breaks but because of my crazy schedule I've had to give that up.

What do you do to prep for Game Day?  Anything particularly sacred on this occasion?  Share below.

--Dave (