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Video: Mavericks F Brian Cardinal Lays Out Blazers G Patty Mills

Jason Quick of The Oregonian reports following Game 5 that multiple members of the Portland Trail Blazers took offense to a hard screen on Blazers guard Patty Mills set in the closing seconds by Dallas Mavericks forward Brian Cardinal. The Mavericks were up 93-82 when the pick was set.

Quick quotes Blazers guard Wesley Matthews and Mills on the play...

"I know it's the playoffs and everything, but come on,'' Matthews said. "With four seconds left in the game? But that's cool. I'm not going to forget it, that's for sure.''

"I didn't see it, I didn't know anyone was there, but I was wondering why Barea was pushing the ball hard up the court,'' Mills said. "But I found out why. He set it up (with Cardinal). He set it up.''

"At that point in the game, I don't know ... I don't know if you do that when you are up that much,'' Mills said.

Here's video of the pick.

Cardinal's teammate DeShawn Stevenson came to his defense, calling the play a part of basketball.

What do you say? A fair play given that it's the playoffs? An unfair play given the time/score situation? A fair play regardless? An unfair play regardless?

Vote in the poll and explain your reasoning. Also up for discussion: do you have a problem with the Blazers players talking about this type of thing after a big loss?

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter