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Game 5 Open Thread: Blazers 82, Mavs 93 (Postgame)

The Blazers kept it close until halftime, then the Mavs never looked back, dominating the second half for a 93-82 victory and a 3-2 lead in the series. The second half of this game was very ugly. If you didn't see it, imagine the section of Game 4 before Brandon took over, then the final buzzer sounds. The score is not really representative; the Blazers never really challenged in the second half of this game, as no player ever took control.

It's a telling sign that Andre Miller led the Blazers in scoring with 18 points and 7 assists. Crash Wallace added 16, and Nicolas Batum and the consistently-harassed LaMarcus Aldridge scored 12 apiece.

The numbers everyone will be talking about in the postgame thread, for better or worse:

Off Reb: 20-9 Dallas
FT's: 35-19 Dallas

There's your game right there. Turnovers were not relevant tonight.

This series is NOT over. Thursday, the Rose Garden will be crazy, and anything can happen. Stay tuned for more from Dave later. Also, NBA TV is my least favorite channel on TV.  -- Tim