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Game 4 Euphoria Thread: Mavs 82, Blazers 84

The legend continues.
The legend continues.

I really have no idea how to describe what I just witnessed. It would probably be easier with animalistic grunts and shrieking.

The Blazers were down 23 late in the third quarter, and being utterly demolished by the Mavs. ESPN was already writing their recap! Brandon Roy stood up and said "THAT'S ENOUGH!'. He shot a three late in the third, the crowd holding its breath as it danced on the rim. It dropped into the net, and he never looked back. He scored 24 points, scoring or assisting on nearly every Blazer point in the fourth quarter, including a ginormous 4 point play with the Blazers down 4 with less than two minutes remaining. The Blazers finished the game on a 43-18 run to pull off the... well, improbable win is an understatement.

The game ended with the entire team screaming and running to a crying Brandon Roy in a group hug. An unforgettable Blazer moment.

This game will be spoken about for generations to come. This was possibly the biggest (and longest!) swing from fan depression to euphoria in team history. If you can see this game, find a way. Don't ask us how, go find a friend with a DVR, something, just do it.

The Blazers were led by... oh heck with it, Brandon Roy won this game. Go read the box score for the rest, and have fun in this post game thread.

 Enjoy this win, it rarely will be more memorable than this. -- Tim