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Transcript: Blazers G Brandon Roy Apologizes For Emotional Comments

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Earlier, we noted that Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy apologized at Thursday shootaround for emotional comments that he made about his playing time following a Game 2 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday.

Joel Odom of The Oregonian produced this video of Roy's statements on Thursday. Here's a transcript. 

Where did those comments come from?

Frustrations, emotions, I'm sitting there, whenever your team loses, I get upset. It was frustrating, frustration for me. It was something that shouldn't have been said but I can't go back on it now. The biggest thing is, if I offended anybody by those comments, I apologize. It was just out of wanting to be out there and being down 0-2 leaving Dallas. It was hard. 


I just want to be in there.  Just disappointed. Just got caught up in the emotions of being a competitor.

Did you talk to coach McMillan about the comments?

My thing is, me and coach spoke. We'll be fine. It's the NBA, sometimes you have outbursts, you have to overcome those things and come together.

We spoke briefly but it wasn't even about the comments but it was just about some things on the court that could help me that I could be in more of a rhythm. So we didn't talk about the comments we just talked about how I can play better on the court. He was kind of in a rush so we talked quickly about that. 

Thoughts on rotations for Game 3

I think he should go with what he feels is going to be right. If he's comfortable with a lineup being out there, I'm ok with having to be on the bench. I was just emotional last time and maybe i shouldn't have said nothing. But if that happens tonight then I won't be complaining about it.

What do you need to show to get more playing time?

I don't want to pick on that subject but I'm going to try to do my best to be ready tonight. I'm going to try to warm up, our fan's energy will be really big for us and big for me, and try to be ready as soon as possible no matter what that is.

What do you need to do tonight?

I've got to try to produce a little bit faster. I've always been somewhat of a slow starter in my career, I usually start off slow and pick it up. I've got to change that tonight, start off a litle faster, be a little more aggressive and then if I don't play that much, I've got to be OK with it and then I'll always continue to support my teammates if I am on the sideline.

Did you address your comments with your teammates?

We haven't talked about it. The guys, we came in and watched film yesterday, I think everybody's focus is how can we beat Dallas. This is a minor distraction. We've got to get ready to beat Dallas and not make any excuses.    

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter