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Transcript: Nate McMillan's Comments On Brandon Roy's Emotional Game 2 Post-Game Statements

Here's a full transcript of Portland Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan's comments regarding guard Brandon Roys's emotional statements following a Game 2 loss to the Dallas Mavericks in their first round NBA playoff series. McMillan addressed reporters on Wednesday afternoon at the team's Practice Facility.

Video of McMillan's opening remarks can be seen here.

Reaction to Brandon Roy's comments

Reaction to Brandon's statements. As I said to Brandon, there is nobody in this state, including Brandon, that [wants] Brandon on the floor as much as I do. Last night was a rotation that I felt we wanted to get back to our first unit and I went to that rotation. Bottom line is making decisions on substitutions is going to be me making those decisions as far as what's best for the team.

In that first game he played, Brandon played 25 or 26 minutes. I'm sure there were some comments about why. He didn't shoot the ball well but I felt in that game we had some match-ups so I left him in the game. Basically it comes down to the team. What's best for the team. I went back with Wesley and Miller at the guard position to finish off the game. That happens, I totally have a great deal of respect for Brandon and what he has done for this organization.

Just as -- I didn't read the comments that were said as far as what Brandon said -- but there is no disrespect. I totally respect him. It's a challenge every time I call Brandon's name off the bench.

What do you mean by that?

That's an All-Star. We are going through a season where we are trying to figure out exactly what he can do and how he can help the team and get him through this year. I know what he has done for this organization and to call Brandon Roy in as a backup is different. I totally understand what he's saying.

How will you handle him for Game 3?

He's going to play his role which is coming off the bench and we will see. There wasn't any minutes promised or anything like that. All of our guys want to play minutes. Like I said, I'm trying to put this team in position, and I've talked to the team about that, to win games. The rotation is going to be different. The first night Wesley didn't play. Rudy didn't play a lot of minutes. The bottom line is our guys have to be ready to play, go out and try to be productive, make some things happen. I'm going to be working in the best interests not just of individual players but of the team.

Is there something he needs to do to get more minutes?

Everybody does. We've talked about that. As I said last night, about last night's game, I felt that Wesley had some good things going and Andre was doing some good things and I went back to those guards.

What do you make of him saying he's the last guy coming off the bench? 

The last guy -- if you're coming off the bench, you're coming off the bench. What's the difference? In Wesley's case he was in foul trouble the first game so Nicolas ended up because of a match-up. But coming off the bench, what difference does it make which guy? You're coming in at your normal rotation or your normal position.

It makes a difference to Brandon though

Well, let's get to the game tomorrow. That has been addressed and let's move to the game tomorrow.

Is this a distraction?

No, because we're moving to the game tomorrow.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter