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Game 2 Open Thread: Blazers vs. Mavericks (Pregame)

It felt like an eternity, but Game 2 is here. Tonight, the Portland Trail Blazers try to even the score with the Dallas Mavericks (Media notes). Pat Riley once said that a playoff series doesn't begin until the home team loses. Well, it's time for this series to begin tonight. Hang out here and discuss your hopes, fears, expectations and anticipation.

Injury report: For Dallas, Roddy Beaubois is expected to return tonight, but his status is not confirmed. It's likely he wouldn't start either way.

Tip-off: 6:40pm
Watch: KGW (Portland), TNT (National)
Listen: 95.5 FM The Game (Portland), NBA Audio League Pass (Free)

A quick note on the rules: The usual ones apply below. Most GDT'ers are great about them. The rules are hardest to follow when the game gets rocky; nonetheless, it's a family site, even when events go bad. And of course, please don't attack each other when you're frustrated. That never ends well. Thanks!

  1. Don't swear (this includes abbreviations/acronyms)
  2. Please don't post pictures
  3. No discussion of Internet streams not provided by the NBA

Go Blazers! -- Tim