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Another Blazersedge Night Thank-You

We are still receiving thank-you letters from kids and program leaders who went to the Oklahoma City Thunder game thanks to the tickets you guys provided through your generous donations.  500 kids went that night, an amazing number.  I'm actually getting more pictures this year than we've ever gotten, no doubt the sign of a connected generation.  For legal reasons and to protect these kids' privacy I am reticent to share them publicly.  Suffice it to say the smiles on their faces are beaming.  But occasionally we get a letter that has to be shared and this is one of them.  I have removed all identifying info to guard those involved, but the story remains the same.

Thank you so much for the 25 Blazer tickets.  The kids from our outreach program had an amazing time! Many of these kids would never be able to afford the luxury of going to a Blazer game. The free tickets provided and opportunity for our leaders to have a meaningful night with these kids. I will leave you with this final snap shot of the kids we pick up and the back ground they come from so you know how impacting your donation truly was.

Each Sundays, anywhere from 60-to-80 children race from vans and busses to see us.  Picked up by volunteers who visit their homes twice a month, these children come from low-income apartments where drugs, violence, prostitution and hopelessness are found.  Some have witnessed murders, others have been victims of abuse.  Recently, two young boys shared with a leader how they had heard the screams of two people as they were murdered in their neighborhood. One said he wasn't able to sleep the night the murder happened.  

We help provide Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving food vouchers for families, Summer Camp...and most recently with your help we brought our kids to a Blazer Game.

Thank you again for providing this meaningful opportunity.

 So yeah, folks, what you do matters.  Thanks so much for being a part of a community that's able to provide this opportunity.  I'm already looking forward to next year's event!

--Dave (