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Blazersedge Jersey Contest Playoffs

The regular season Jersey Contest is over.  Thanks to all the folks who participated this year.  As is our tradition we will hold a Jersey Contest playoff during the actual playoffs.  The only difference between this and the regular contest is that only the top finishers from the regular season will be invited to participate.  If your name is not on the list below you are not eligible to enter or win.

Playoff participants can see their names after the jump.  We kept it simple this year:  The Top 3 finishers from each month made the playoffs.  We're still fixing up the post-season forms so look for the contest to open tomorrow. 

For the rest of you... there's still a way for you to pick up some loot!  It's the world-famous Blazersedge Pick Your Hoss contest.  Read through the list of participants below, pick ONE of them as the eventual winner, and post that person's name in the comment section of this thread.  Everybody who picked the eventual winner will be thrown into a pool from which a random winner will be drawn for a neat prize.

The list follows the jump.  Congrats to all who made it!

--Dave (

2010-11 Blazersedge Jersey Contest Playoff Participants

  • Darkwebs
  • Burk
  • 64-18
  • Spiderdude
  • Buffduck
  • JWKA75
  • Krizzikinz
  • Galaxybird
  • Broden
  • Norsktroll
  • TallTimber
  • J-Mart23
  • Cbryan
  • Kjetski210
  • You'vegottomakeyourfreethrows
  • FarmerDoug
  • Jomasbush
  • Jstbeachy
  • Steve_diggy