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Game 82 Non-Preview: Trail Blazers versus Warriors

Game Time  7:30 p.m.  TV: CSNNW

By now you know that the Trail Blazers clinched the 6th seed in the West and are awaiting the results of tonight's Dallas, L.A., and Oklahoma City games.  You'll also know that tonight's contest against the Warriors has nothing to do with that outcome.  If you want a full preview of the Warriors here is last week's write-up.  It's not likely that much will come to bear because odds are the Blazers will either pull their starters or play them token minutes.  So you get to create your own preview today.  You can comment on anything pertaining to the game but I'm especially interested in which of the deeper Portland bench players you'd like to see get run tonight, what you expect from them now and in the future, and why.  This could well be a game for the Johnsons and Johnsons and Millses and Babbitts of the world.  Time to celebrate them a little bit!

Golden State Of Mind

Jersey Contest Form for tonight's game.

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