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Gameday Open Thread: OKC 91, Blazers 98 (Postgame)

In a huge, huge game with playoff implications, the Blazers take everything OKC can offer, and tell them "That's it?!" as they roll in the second half to a humongous victory, 98-91.

LaMarcus Aldridge led the way with 32 points and 8 rebounds. Off the bench, Nicolas Batum added 19 and 6, and both Andre Miller and Crash Wallace added 13 points apiece.

In the first quarter, OKC simply dominated. It was ugly, it was disheartening. For Simpsons fans, it was the best of times, it was the blurst of times. The Blazers are down 30-20, and are lucky it's that close.

Kids' likely emotion: Happy to be there, but dejected.

In the second quarter, Portland hangs tough. They take OKC's jabs, but stay close. A late run keeps the Blazers within 6, 59-53. Anything can happen.

Kids' likely emotion: Optimistic!

In the third quarter, insanity reigns. The Blazers take over after Perkins picks up his fourth foul, outscoring OKC 25-11 in front of an insane Rose Garden crowd, cheering every moment and booing the invading OKC. The Blazers lead after 3, 78-70.

Kids' likely emotion: Excited!

In the fourth quarter, the Blazers tell OKC, "no win for you!". The Blazers hold OKC at arm's length, even as they try to make a run late. With the Blazers leading by 7 with 25 seconds left, OKC realizes that they can't stand up to the will of the Blazers, the Rose Garden, and the 500 kids who got to see a rare live Blazer game tonight, and say "No mas", accepting their rightful and deserved defeat.

Kids' likely emotion: Exuberance! 

The Blazers needed this win, and they got it. Enjoy the hard fought victory here, then stay tuned for Ben's Media Row report, and plenty of fun stuff about a victorious Blazersedge night from Dave.

Boxscore here. Go Blazers. :) -- Tim