Cho states his thoughts on Oden on the MSP

SO anyone who reads my screen name will know where I stand on the Oden debate. I have read the two posts below that seem to cast a negative light, once again, on GO and feel the need to point out the things Cho said about Oden on Monday morning.

First of all Cho stated that Oden's rehab is going well and he is looking physically really good. At the game he appears to be moving around sans cane for several weeks without any difficulty.

Second Cho stated that Oden's Dr's feel he is at least on schedule with no setbacks this far.

Lastly Cho responded to CIP's question of How Cho felt Greg would fit in with this new roster. This is where it gets interesting to me. .......and I paraphrase.. when I was on the outside looking in (in OKC) and seeing how Greg was playing at such a high level before he got hurt, it was SCARY thinking how good they( blazers) were going to be. If we can get Greg back to that level it would be big.

For my part, IF Oden comes back at just the level he was at This team looks like a Championship contender again. If he is able to improve and stay healthy for a period of just a 3-4 years then we have a "Walton window" that could really be something special.

Cho was also asked about future plans with the roster and simply stated he isn't giving away any of his plans to his competitors. Thoughts?