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Blazersedge Night: Last Call Effort (Please Read!) [Update: SOLD OUT!]

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  As of 4:40 this afternoon Blazersedge Night is SOLD OUT!  Thanks to the people of this community we have sold out the FINAL TICKETS for Blazersedge Night.  500 total tickets have been sold to send kids to the Rose Garden on April 1st!  THANK YOU to everyone who responded today!



Hey folks, I just got off the phone with Lisa Swan at the Portland Trail Blazers office.  The official tally on tickets sold for Blazersedge Night right now is just short of 400 out of the 500 tickets we had slated to sell.  We have kids waiting on those tickets who otherwise would never get to go to a game.  We need your help.

Let's talk dollars and cents.  100 tickets is $2500.  We're extending the deadline for donations to tomorrow at 5:00.  Can we, between all of us, come up with that much before then?  If 100 lurkers who haven't otherwise responded each buy a ticket, it happens.  If 500 people (and yeah, there are dozens of times that many people reading this blog) come up with $5, it happens.  However it happens, it'll take your help.

THANK YOU to all of the people who have gotten us this far.  To everybody else, please support them and the kids by lending a hand now.

If you want to know what sending those underprivileged kids to the game does for them and the adults around them, click here or click here or click here.  Read the impressions from myself and the people whom we have helped and decide if you don't think it's worth a 20 or more.

I am putting my money where my mouth is, throwing in $250 personally to make this happen, and believe me that's not easy.  But the great things seldom are.  That leaves $2250 to go before tomorrow at 5:00.  Info on how you can help is below.  And thank you for your support.


Blazersedge Night:  April 1st, 2011 versus the Oklahoma City Thunder

Ticket Cost:  $25 per ticket plus a $5 service charge per order whether you buy 1 ticket or 100 with that order.

Ways to Purchase:

  1. Call Lisa Swan at the Portland Trail Blazers office at 503-963-3966.  Tell her you're purchasing for Blazersedge night  FOR THE KIDS or FOR CHARITY.  You can also purchase tickets for yourself to attend in the B.E. section that night, which is why you need to make your intentions clear.  If you tell them it's for the kids they set the tickets aside instead of mailing them to you.  If you want to attend yourself, make that clear as well.  You can purchase in all the usual ways:  credit card, check, what have you.
  2. You can also donate money via PayPal to the Blazersedge Paypal Account:  We accumulate your donations and pay for the tickets in one big chunk at the end.  This allows you to donate non-standard amounts (like $20 or $80) and also avoids that $5 order fee, as we make one bulk purchase. 

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

--Dave (