Joel return to Portland, Charlotte's First Time Playing Agenst Wallace.

Just a quick thought, Who will give there "Home Town Boy" a better welcome? Wallace next friday? Or Joel Tomorrow. Friday will be the first time in Charlotte that we faced Wallace on the other side of the court... I hope that Big Pat (Our Announcer) will have the inegrety to give Wallace the Good ol' G-G-G-GERRRAAAAAAL WALLACE.... wallace...wallce the first time he shoots the ball through the hoop on the opposite side. We seem to have fellen apart already sense is departure, MJ is giving away free tickets (4 per person) to Mondays game, and the good ol' "Watch the NBA best dunker come to town", "Watch Rose Show What He Has Agenst The Cats", "Watch Wallace Return To Carolina" (Promoting the other team more than ours) ads have returned on the radio and T.V. Joel for us is our new leader... I can tell... I would not be surprised to see him come back to the Cats next year and be a capt. Cunningham is "Ehhh" so far, haven't seen much of him. I hope Wallace has a Career game on 3-11-11, I will be in the stands, Holding my "We miss you" poster, cheering every time he touches the ball, and I know many others that will be.