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Game 76 Preview: Thunder versus Trail Blazers

Game Time  7:00 p.m.   TV:  CSNNW

The Blazers are going to win this game.

If you want more of a preview than that, you can look up the one from last week, talking all about the relative merits of both teams.  Oklahoma City has won twice since they beat the Blazers, capping off a 14-2 month of March and solidifying their hold on the division crown.  Guard Nate Robinson may be on his way back.  Russell Westbrook is the real thorn in Portland's side.  They'll have to find a way to limit him either scoring or passing.  That's about it.

But the Blazers are going to win this game.

They're going to win it because they owe the Thunder and Portland tends to play extremely well when they owe somebody.  They're going to win it because they lost two critical games in the past week:  the first to the Thunder and the second in their last outing, a close-ish affair against seeding rivals New Orleans.  This is Portland's exact M.O.  They lose the initial game or two in which they could really prove their resolve and then just when you count them out they come back and snag a victory or two, making you wonder if they're serious again.  They're going to win it because, despite the lack of success this year, the games against Oklahoma City have been close and intense...not a recipe for season dominance on OKC's part.

Most of all, though, the Blazers are going to win it because THIS is Blazersedge Night.  This is the night where 500 kids and chaperones who otherwise never would have dreamed of seeing a Blazers game in person will be in the stands yelling and screaming because this community donated enough to make those tickets possible.  This is the night where they come from city and suburb, Portland and downstate, to see their hometown team handle Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and the Thunder.  This is the night where every made shot will make people leap up from their seats and every dunk will make entire sections of the 300-level go insane. NIGHT.

This all happened because of you.  And that cheering will all happen tonight because of the kids that we are privileged to have in the arena.  This is Trail Blazer fandom at its best and purest.  And it is going to happen tonight.

Close or a blowout, from ahead or from behind, however they do it the Blazers will win tonight.  Enjoy the ride.  I know everybody in the Blazersedge sections will!

Welcome to Loud City has the wrong name today.  The Rose Garden will be Louder City.  But WtLC still has your Thunder news handled.

Our March Jersey Contest Scoreboard says that YouveGottoMakeYourFreeThrows and FarmerDoug both tied atop the leader board for the month.  There's supposed to be some kind of tiebreaker but what the heck.  You guys gave 500 tickets.  The least I can do is spring for an extra jersey.  They'll both get one.  Congratulations!

Form for tonight's game

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