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Gameday Open Thread: Cavaliers 70, Blazers 111 (Postgame)

Remember all those games this season, where Portland was leading by so much after the first 6 minutes, the rest of the game was a laugher? Yeah, me neither. But that changed tonight! Before the Cavs had a chance to look up at the scoreboard, Portland jumped to a 21-2 lead, and cruised to an easy victory. Despite a sloppy fourth quarter, this is a must-watch game if it's on your DVR.

LaMarcus Aldridge led the way with 20 points and 11 rebounds, followed by Crash Wallace with 17, 6 and 6, Nicolas Batum with 14, 5 and 4,  and Wesley Matthews with 14, 7 and 4. The bench finally emptied with 4 minutes left.

The last two games were fun in completely different ways, weren't they? Hang out here and bask in a fun victory over an outmatched Cleveland team. Tonight's box score is here, and Dave and Ben will have more shortly. -- Tim