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Game 68 Preview: Cavaliers versus Trail Blazers

Game Time 7:00 p.m. TV: CSNNW and NBATV

The Cleveland Cadaverliers have zero chance of winning this game. There, happy? All signs point to that being true. They are 13-53 this year. Their leading (read: only) scorer got a finger injury and basically quit on the season. They even got their obligatory surprise win of the month out of the way last night in Sacramento. The last time they beat a team that wasn't the Knicks or California-based was November 27th. As people who want to rip away Portland's star players for peanuts continually tell us, this ain't New York or California. So Cleveland loses. The only question will be whether they lose the easy way or the hard way. That's entirely up to the Blazers. The smart move would be to nail the coffin shut on them early, allowing all of your less-appreciated guys extra minutes. Portland has a history of playing down to the competition until about halfway through the third period, though. This will be a small way to show they've turned over a new leaf, taking this team out immediately. We'll see if it happens.

There's your preview. Apologies to Cleveland fans but I'd bet at this point even they don't want to read any more about the Cadavs than they have to. Checking in on Cleveland is like walking past a hospital room and poking your head in to see someone's toes falling off from gangrene. I mean, ewwww. Knowing it's happening is enough, thank you.

While you're waiting for the start of the game, though, how about a little speculation? With but 14 games left after tonight Portland's spot in the post-season is still up in the air. Where do you think they come down? Give us a seed. Saying Portland won't make the playoffs, while depressing, is also a legit answer. If you want to map out the lower half of the West that's OK too. Predict away!

Fear The Sword cannot be a very nice place to visit these days.

Your Jersey Contest game form.

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